What is your ONE NEXT step?

Decide. Do it. Done.

Activate & Amplify is a Zoom group coaching experience!

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I started off in group coaching experiences and quickly came to realize the power of community, connection, and support! 


Join us on Thursday, December 3rd, at 7pm EST. 

OR Sunday,December 6th, at 1pm EST

(Can't make one, NOW THERE ARE TWO options...or do BOTH!)

Let's spend some time together on zoom! 

I have it blocked out for 3 hours. 

This will vary depending on the number of participants.

You will receive the zoom link to join in an email the night before. 

BONUS: the following week we will schedule a bonus call to reflect and celebrate!!

This investment doesn't even make sense!!

$88 to discover that the power within you...IS YOU!

Understand the POWER of the ONE next step.

Feel ACTIVATED to start your new journey.

AMPLIFY your energy & confidence!

Witness the ENERGY shifts around you & in your life The Ripple Effect will TRANSFORM you and those around you.

Accelerate the Journey to Your Next Level
Experience lasting impact & results


Together...We RISE!

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