Be the BOSS of your own emotions...

Today more than ever, this is so important, and a HUGE piece of what is missing is the world.  I've been asking for years, "Why isn't this taught in schools? Why don't we understand how to feel? How to process emotions? How to be open and honest?  How to give ourselves (and others) grace and space?  How to be respectful? How to communicate properly? Respond instead of react...

If you know me, you know I'm a BIG FAN of taking action... I've been asking the questions, and now I've been called to action to answer them.  

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In CEO, we will discuss the difference between feelings and emotions, masculine vs feminine energy, responding instead of reacting.  I will share with you bits of my own journey and transformation...and you will not even believe some of it... I used to be in a very different place! 

If you desire more...stay tuned, it's coming!  Following CEO, I will have your next step awaiting you!

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