You go to your prenatal appointments... you mostly see a nurse practitioner, sometimes a doctor, not necessarily "your" doctor... You're in. You're out.  What did you learn about your pregnancy?  Birth?  

You may learn about the stages of labor during a childbirth ed class... but did you learn about the "emotional stages of labor?" Did you learn how to cope and find comfort during each stage of labor?  Does your partner feel confident in supporting you and this process?

Coping & Comfort Skills for Labor:

In the self study series "Coping and Comfort Skills for Labor," I walk you through, step by step:

*What you may expect in each stage of labor- physically, mentally, emotionally

*How you can cope, how your partner can support you

*When to call your doula/midwife/provider

*When to head to your birth location... and more!


I like to call it "role playing labor," so you & your partner can become familiar with the mental & physical activities of labor. You'll learn:

*Exercises and positions that may help if you suspect baby is in a sub optimal position,

*Activities you can do NOW to help in pregnancy and labor

*Mental endurance activities to prepare the mind

...and so much more!

This is pre-recorded for you take at your own pace, watch over and over, pause and practice, again and again.  It's important to become familiar with it NOW, so it's not "new" when labor begins... you want to develop these skills as part of your routine, make the unknown a little more "known."

Coping and Comfort in Labor $55

Want to bundle with Birth Planning??

You've planned... the baby shower, the nursery, the colors and themes, you have a list of names, packed your hospital bag... and now what? 

You're due any day now and realize, "I have to go through labor!  I have to birth a baby! How will I do this?"

Save your time...

Save your energy...

You need it... you're growing a HUMAN!

Get all the information you need in one place!

Close all your tabs. No more conflicting opinions.

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Confident in Birth & Beyond:

Understand your options & alternatives

Know your rights

Advocate for yourself

Feel confident in your choices

Develop effective communication

Build the birth you desire

Feel safe, supported, and in control...even in the unknown!

Take this new found confidence and power with you AFTER birth!!

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