Root Down, Rise Up
“When the roots are strong, there is no need to fear the wind” ~Ancient Proverb
It took me 20 years to get here, and the journey is never over...

Transformation is the LAST piece of the puzzle. 

Taking shortcuts often leads to starting and stopping cycles, burning out, & guilt and shame spirals.

Do you feel me on this?  Can you relate?

Transformation happens when you ALLOW the journey to unfold. 

You DESIRE the confidence to make this happen...

A strong foundation is necessary. 

A structure will continue to crumble if the foundation is weak. 

This was my first 12 years...

It started with information. Knowledge through reading, attending workshops... But, I lacked the confidence to APPLY it.

Is this you?

You're already empowered...

You're already on the path...

But why is it taking so long?

Where are the results?

12 years into my journey, I was finally able to take the information and knowledge to the NEXT LEVEL... I applied it... I EMBODIED IT!

Another 8 years later (brings us to today)... I hired my first coach,

then another, then another!

20 years into my journey, and my life has changed!


Mostly in the last year...

20 years total to go from knowing to doing to being...

From information, to integration, to transformation...

What was the SHIFT?

Working with a coach...

A coach who has an outside, objective perspective to helps you SHIFT. 

A coach that can see and point out your blind spots that keep you stuck. 

A coach that supports and guides you.

A coach that empowers you to see yourself AS ENOUGH

A coach that helps you gain:

Clarity in Vision

Passion for Purpose

Confidence & Empowerment

Deep Healing

Motivation & Momentum

Sustainable Action & Results

In Root Down Rise Up- The Shift Into the New You,

I walk with you on this journey that took me 20 years... so it can happen FASTER for you!  I walk ahead of you to show you what is possible.  I walk with you for support and guidance.

Together, we'll get there 






We grow through what we go through!

Courage will get you there...
CONFIDENCE will you keep you there!

We Start January 10th, 2021

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131 North Ave., West Seneca, NY 14224