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Full Support- In Person or Virtual

All inclusive package including: 2 appointments to cover childbirth education: understanding options for birth, birth preferences, coping and comfort in the stages of labor, 4- 1:1 emotional support (processing) coaching calls, PLUS in person or virtual labor support!

Labor has begun!  I'm available to you via text, facetime, zoom, video messenger, and/or in person, to provide informational & emotional support, make suggestions regarding labor, and help advocate during decision making. 

Educational & Emotional Support

In these calls, we will discuss, dismantle, reframe, breakthrough any fears and anxieties that may be coming up for you during pregnancy and regarding labor & birth.  One call at 25 weeks.  One call at 35 weeks. In addition, this includes Birth Planning & Coping & Comfort in the Stages of Labor!

(Does NOT include in person or virtual, day of labor support)

Birth Planning (In Person, Virtual, or LIVE stream via FB Group):

Understand your options & alternatives

Know your rights

Advocate for yourself

Feel confident in your choices

Develop effective communication

Build the birth you desire

Feel safe, supported, and in control...even in the unknown!

Take this new found confidence and power with you AFTER birth!!

(Does NOT include 1:1 calls or day of labor support)

Coping & Comfort Skills for Labor (In Person or Self Led Online Workshop:

In the self study series "Coping and Comfort Skills for Labor," I walk you through, step by step, what you may expect in each stage of labor- physically, mentally, emotionally, how you can cope, how your partner can support you, when to call your doula/midwife/provider, when to head to your birth location.  I like to call it "role playing labor," so you & your partner can become familiar with the mental & physical activities of labor. You'll learn exercises and positions that may help if you suspect baby is in a sub optimal position, activities you can do NOW to help in pregnancy and labor, mental endurance activities to prepare the mind, and so much more!

(Does NOT include Planning, 1:1 Calls, or day of labor support)


Five Options

Option 1: Full Support Package   $1500

Option 2: Educational & Emotional Support Package $500

Option 3: Birth Planning PLUS  

"Coping & Comfort Skills for Labor" series $250 (Save $50!)

For the IN PERSON version of this, click HERE

Option 4: Birth Planning  $150

Option 5: Coping & Comfort During the Stages of Labor-


Option 1 Full Support $1500
Option 2 Educational & Emotional Support $500
Option 3 Planning & Coping $250
Option 4 Birth Planning Workshop $150
Option 5 Coping & Comfort $150
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