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Do you want to share some kind words with Melissa?


"When we make the choice to invest in a coach for anything, there is that "oh crap" moment just before the first session where all sorts of second guessing arises. The doubt of whether we will connect with our new intimate guide is real. Melissa dispelled that doubt within the first minute of our first session. She sets a tone that is comfortable and nurturing, all before she drops her knowledge and skill into the mix. Her demeanor, her attention and her focus is second to none. She is compassionate, curious and holds one accountable to their goals. She asks the right questions and keeps the path flexible yet still moving forward. Working with Melissa, I discovered ways to slow down and take more time to understand the why behind my desire to act. She helped open my mind and heart to adopting new processes that are in better alignment with who I want to be."

~ Amy P,  Life Coaching Client

"While working with Melissa as a doula client I knew she was special and had such a gift.  I always thought it was a shame that more people couldn’t experience what she had to offer. I was ecstatic to learn she expanded her clientele and began offering life coaching services. I had never worked with a life coach before and I immediately saw the benefits. If I’m being truly honest, working with a life coach has been more productive than mental health counseling. That is not to say MHC is not important. This is only true for me and wouldn’t necessarily be the case for anyone else. I like having things to actively work on. I need to feel productive, that I am moving forward. Life coaching gets right to it. Melissa is very skilled at holding you accountable in the most non threatening way. She is firm but loving. She is wonderful at holding space AND challenging your beliefs. She keeps you focused and redirects you to get back on the path that leads to your desired destination. I can’t speak more highly of Melissa. She is an emerging star in this field!"

~ Life Coaching Client

"My wife and I didn't start seriously considering a doula until late in our pregnancy, but we're so glad we did and we we're extremely lucky to come across one as effective as Melissa! At the time we decided to move forward with a doula we felt very uncomfortable with our current doctor and we're nervous about what our birth experience might look like. Melissa let us know it was not too late to switch doctors and educated us on all of the options that were available to us. We ended up successfully switching doctors and everything was perfectly fine! 

We had 2 prenatal visits with Melissa that lasted about 3 hours each but the time flew by! Each visit was informative, educational and really helped prepare me especially for the moment my wife went into labor. When that time did come, I felt way more in control than I would've been without Melissa. Not only that but Melissa was very responsive to texts and even reaching out on her own for updates despite it being extremely late (10pm-5am) on a Thursday night! After laboring at home using the tips we learned from Melissa we started to head to the hospital around 5am.

Melissa met us at the hospital a few hours later, as the doctors mentioned my wife was 4-5cm dilated with a high station so we weren't quite ready at the time we arrived. Once Melissa arrived she was able to recommend several different positions to help my wife not only manage pain, but also ensure our baby was in the correct position to minimize pain and have a successful delivery. Melissa was extremely prepared with items we used throughout the day to help my wife minimize nausea, pain, and more. Ultimately what was the most useful was her support, words of affirmation, and letting us know how great we were doing. Despite a 22 hour labor, I never felt tired, run down, nervous or anything negative. I will never forget our daughter's birthday and a huge part of that is due to the experience we had because of Melissa. HIRE HER NOW!​"

~ Ryan R, first time dad/ doula dad client

"When I Had my first child, I felt so out of control and uneducated and ended up with a C-section. I knew that when I got pregnant again, I wanted so badly to have a VBAC. I started educating myself on childbirth and read that having a doula would increase my chances of having a successful VBAC and ultimately make my birth experience a positive one. I knew immediately, the minute I met Melissa, that she was the perfect fit for me. Not only did she prepare me physically, but she prepared me MENTALLY to be confident about my birth decisions which I believe to be essential for the birth you desire. Melissa was there for me every time I needed her. I recall being in the last days of my pregnancy having contractions, and she was up texting me in the middle of the night. I just felt so unbelievably supported by her every step of the way. My husband shared with me that he felt such a sense of comfort in her presence and noticed how calm I was knowing she was the support person I needed. When it came time for the birth, she came to the hospital right away. My labor was long and she was ON??IT?? from beginning to end; she massaged my feet, created a spa ambience in the bathroom for when I bathed, gave me water throughout my labor, encouraged me when I felt unable, comforted me when I was uncomfortable, had me moving and trying different positions to rotate baby, was an advocate for me when doctors were pushing for medical interventions, and cheered me on as I pushed. I was able to have the birth I desired and i give thanks to the Lord for placing Melissa in my life. She is a gift from heaven and I recommend her 11/10 to anyone looking to have an amazing, confident birth experience. Thank you Melissa!"

~ Natalie K, second time mom/doula client

"Melissa was my doula for both of my children's births. The first time, Melissa was relatively new to being a doula, but I could hardly tell. I felt like I was in very capable hands the entire time. Our meetings leading up to the birth were thoughtful and enlightening, as she helped my husband and I identify possible challenges that we may encounter, not only with the process, but within ourselves. When labor started she was within contact as much as I needed and helped keep us from getting too far ahead of the progress. Once we were in the birthing suite, she was always at the ready, suggesting new positions and offering a different coping method. I did not have to think about a thing besides opening up and birthing our baby. Afterwards, I realized this could only happen because she was there supporting my husband just as much as she was supporting me. With our second birth, it was a given that she'd be there for us again. And with a much more intense labor, she proved her value again, encouraging me to keep moving and opening up despite my base desire to only sit in the tub! I honestly think we had such a great experience because she was there. And with both of these occasions she followed up with a gratifying postpartum visit, rehashing and filling in details as needed. The icing on the cake was that she provided us with some of the most memorable photos we have of our growing family. Melissa is constantly growing, challenging the stasis,  devouring new information, and cultivating her expertise. If you want someone to support you with her whole self, Melissa is your doula."

~ Kat, second time mom/doula client

"I'm so glad I had Melissa at our birth! They would have forced me into c-section, but I was able to fulfill as much of a natural birth as possible.  I'm extremely happy with my birth choices and felt in control.  I was informed thanks to Melissa and so proud of myself!"

~ Vanessa A., first time mom/ doula client

"I'm just in awe at how empowered I felt! I really loved that I had guidance from Melissa ahead of time to prepare myself mentally because that was a huge component  to the positive outcome I had.  Those key principles we worked through to eliminate fear, tension, control have actually been super helpful during postpartum life.  I'm so thankful to know how to manage that!"

~Erica C., first time mom/ doula client

"Melissa's essence can really hold a space, not in an overpowering way, but a comforting, beautiful, security blanket kind of way.  She gives the people the motivation and confidence to hold their own space and not afraid to challenge them, to get them to fall into place of growth.  She could honestly change peoples lives beyond birth and help sooo many get beyond their self limiting beliefs.  She is consistent and has the ability to keep people focused.  Her energy is strong and makes people feel safe!"

~Lisa B, first time mom/ doula client/ life coach client

"Melissa was an amazing doula, and helped guide my fiance and I thru pregnancy and a natural childbirth at a hospital. She gave us the tools to make informed decisions and gave me the confidence to stand by my birth plan despite influences from my healthcare provider and the hospital staff during childbirth. Having Melissa in the room during labor and delivery was the best decision we made, we couldn't have done it without her support!"

~Sandy J., first time mom/ doula client

"We could not have asked for a better person to be our doula!! Melissa is very knowledgeable and resourceful. She was readily available for any questions/concerns, and if she didn't know the answer, she would do her best to find out. She always respected and honored any decision we made regarding our birthing plan. She is down to earth and brings a sense of calmness to any situation which is exactly what we were looking for. And her massages are fantastic!! That was a big bonus for mommy! You will not be disappointed if you choose her as your doula!"

~Brittany C./first time mom, doula client

"I hadn’t even thought about having a doula, until a friend told me about her great experience with Melissa. I’m so glad we took my friend’s recommendation! This was my first pregnancy, so Melissa guided my husband and I through all the stages of pregnancy and childbirth and all the potential choices/decisions we would or may need to make. She was so informative it made putting together our birth plan a breeze. And of course, when the labor did not go anywhere near as planned, Melissa was there throughout the process - she made us feel relaxed and confident in our decisions. I would highly recommend Melissa!"

~Liz B., first time mom/ doula client

"Melissa was amazing during my pregnancy, labor and delivery. If it wasn’t for her I would not have had the experience I had w my labor and delivery. Her knowledge alone taught me so much. She is really awesome, if I have another baby I definitely want Melissa by my side again😊"

~Mary Z, first time mom, doula client


"Oh my gosh..I don't even know where to begin...Melissa has been so amazing over these past 9 months.  She has such a positive spirit and is incredibly knowledgable when it comes to childbirth.  When my husband and I found out we were expecting, we knew we wanted to have a natural birth and definitely wanted a doula.  We had a meet and greet with Melissa and instantly knew she was the one.  I also loved that she was a massage therapist!  I would see her monthly for prenatal massages during pregnancy.  Melissa was great with sending us reading material to prepare us for labor.  She also gave me a reference to an amazing chiropractor who specialized in pregnancy when I was having pelvis pain and thought the baby was breech.  She was a huge support to my husband during early labor and at the hospital she had great ideas for positions to help labor continue to progress.  I cannot recommend Melissa enough!  She helped give me the perfect birth experience!"

~Lisa G., first time mom/doula client

"As I go through my own yoga training, I am overly grateful to be a regular student of yours.  I do not know you outside of Be Moved; however, what I do experience is an amazingly pure sense of the embodiment of yoga in you. Your sequencing is spot on and seems to always align beautifully with your lessons...which you touch on just enough at the beginning, then a little more depth in the middle, and a lovely recap with a lesson reflection at the end.  Now the most impressive piece you offer so seamlessly and passionately is your cueing.  I have been taking yoga at various studios and no one comes close to your flowing and intention...your cues create such amazingly clear pictures of alignment and posturing that even if I can't be there in my movement...I can feel it in my body.  I am in awe, now that I understand the criticalness of this part of yoga instruction.  My challenge, as I continue my own certification, is to try not to "want to be just like you" but to learn to embody what you share in my own voice, with intention to inspire and touch others as you have me.  Thank you for being in my life, exactly when I needed you to be."

~Rebecca A., yoga student, massage client


"Melissa was my doula for my first child and she was everything I could ask for.  She is prompt and professional, but easy going and fun to be around.  She is an avid learner so that made it easy when I had questions that she may not have been able to answer, she always did more research and came back with more.  When it came to laboring, she provided good suggestions on changing things up and knowing when to step in and help.  She also made sure to include my husband in every meeting, to understand our relationship going into the birth, and to step back and let him assist me when able.  She even offers a fantastic prenatal massage and took some lovely  candid photos at the birth!  I was thoroughly pleased with our time with her!"

~Katherine J., first time mom, doula client

"Choosing a doula was hard for me because I didn't think I should spend the money and the women I interviewed were all so kind and seemed to love their work.  When I met Melissa, I found out we shared common interests and she seemed like a really good fit for me.  Melissa proved to me how great and worth the money having a doula is.  When I was in labor she basically read my mind and provided me with everything I needed at the exact moment I needed it.  I had no need to talk at all.  This is something that was priceless to me. I am grateful to Melissa for everything she provided me with throughout pregnancy, labor, and follow up.  I highly recommend her doula and massage services."  

~Danielle C., third time mom, doula client

"Although we elected to have a private birth, without a doula, Melissa's prenatal preparation and comfort measure meeting was filled with great information and techniques for me and my husband.  She was very organized and could go into detail about what to expect and taught me things that you don't learn in hospital birth classes.  She would send me articles throughout my pregnancy on questions I had.  Melissa is friendly and personable, and her experience helped me calm many fears since it was my first child.  I would definitely recommend her to first time and single moms."  

~Rachel K., first time mom,  labor prep education

"I wanted to tell you how much your class meant to me over my pregnancy.  Your breathing techniques, keep ups (mental strenthening), and just the practice itself,  helped make my labor go so much smoother! I can't wait to get back to try more classes.  Thank you so much!"

~Heather R, first time mom, prenatal yoga student

"If I didn't have these weekly classes I don't know how I would have made it through this pregnancy.  It literally saved my emotional and mental health!  Melissa's techniques, mantras, and overall kindness helped me in so many ways and I cannot begin to properly thank her  As a first time mom to be, no one can ever prepare you for the up and down emotional and mental rollercoaster you can experience. This class, the other mamas, and Melissa provided support that I didn't even know I would need, but am so thankful I found.  I know that physically and mentally I'm more prepared for labor and birth than without this class.  (Update: The doctor and labor & delivery nurses give Melissa a BIG THANK YOU- they said they were impressed with how calm I was able to be, and how focused my breathing was!)"

~Remy M., first time mom, prenatal yoga student

"Thank you for doing what you do!  This process has been bringing us much closer as a couple and even as a family! <3"

~Racheal D, third time mom, doula/ yoga/ massage client

"Getting a massage by Melissa is not only relaxing but educational.  While no one can afford to get a massage everyday, Melissa teaches you what you can do to help yourself feel better.  It's more than a massage, she's helpful and caring."

~Laura F., massage client

"Melissa is a caring and professional massage therapist.  I have been seeing her for six years.  Melissa truly cares about her clients.  She did research for me on something we discussed and followed through with a very helpful and appreciated email.  I have also had reflexology done by Melissa.  Again, I was very pleased.  I highly recommend her.  

~Martha Y., massage client

"Melissa is a very knowledgable therapist.  She has the right amount of pressure and is great at what she does.  She is an amazing yoga teacher, and being a doula is just another passion she puts everything she has into.  I love her massages the best."

~Nicole P., massage and yoga client

"I am a yoga beginner.  I went to the cool flow class today at Be Moved Fitness.  Melissa was great!  I really enjoyed this class.  Highly recommend."

~Mary P., yoga student

"I want to Thank You...A few weeks ago in class you said something that really changed things for me, in the pose but in real life too.  It was in chair pose.  All you said was "soften," and it made such huge difference.  Every time you say it, I feel it a bit differently, but it has changed me so much for the better"

~Shine Yoga student

"I really enjoyed your cool flow class.  You are a great instructor!  I love that you explained each pose and kept a good pace throughout class.  I'll definitely be back."

~Be Moved yoga student

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