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Empowered Life Coaching

The scariest, and GREATEST, investment you'll ever make... is IN YOURSELF!

You ARE WORTH it!!

Life coaching is great all on its own, and can be the perfect supplement to professional counseling or therapy. 

Life coaching with me takes a "forward thinking approach" and is solution based rather than problem focused.  While we may spend some time discussing past and original wounds, the focus is to be present, start from where you are, and decide where you desire to go! 

We will completely reframe the way we look at time, lessons, memories; understand the difference between feelings and emotions; masculine and feminine energy; self love/care; relationships; communication; and more...

Wherever your journey takes you, I will walk with you!

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Private Coaching

1:1 Personal Coaching with Voxer Access, 3 month minimum commitment:

**WHAT'S VOXER?**  Voxer is a voice and text messaging app, where numbers are not exchanged, and a great way to keep us connected between calls.  Voxer can be a super powerful tool if you let it be.  Imagine having your coach, counselor, therapist, "On call" for you, just a text away.  If you are feeling triggered, need to work through something, talk something out, vent, etc... Voxer me!

4 90min calls per month - $777 per month

2 90min calls per month - $511 per month

1 90min call per month - $377 per month 

1:1 Personal Coaching without Voxer Access, 3 month minimum commitment:

4 90 min calls per month - $555 per month

2 90min calls per month - $299 per month

1 90min call per month - $155 per month

Voxer, alone $222 per month

**(Pay in full for 3 months and payment plan options can be discussed).


 Join the FREE Life Coaching Community on FB,  HERE, at Warrior Within.  In this group, I go live, do card readings, answer Q & A, post life stories & experiences relevant to life coaching, provide inspiration, and more... 

My favorite part is the community, connection and support that YOU, the members, create! The group, and this work, is a co-creation between all of us.  We are all students. We are all teachers. The more you give, the more you are open to receive, the more you will get.  

"I didn't quit because it didn't work... I kept going UNTIL it did work...

No matter what!"

~Melissa Carrick