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P. R. E. P
Process. Release. Embody. Power

Emotional Processing Coaching

This offering is my pride and joy.
I knew something was brewing inside of me...
and I didn't quite know what it was.
While I was pregnant, this idea came to me.
It combines my passion for life coaching with my joy in guiding families through their birth experience.

(See me talk LIVE about this and hear what other mamas "wish they knew" in hindsight HERE)

"Birth trauma is sadly incredibly common, with about 1 in 4 women affected by symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) AFTER giving birth…”


1 in 4!!

I’ve been speaking with mamas from all over about their experiences, considering:




Relationship dynamics


Self care

Asking for help


Overwhelmingly, 100%, wish they had had more prep and support around all of the above.

I firmly believe, on a personal AND professional level (as I have seen it in my work), that any unresolved childhood wounding, past trauma, and stuck emotions will come up in labor and birth… and continue to overflow into postpartum.

Emotional and mindset coaching in pregnancy, and following up during the postpartum period is so very important and too often overlooked or not even thought of at all. People just don’t know… until they know… then in hindsight, they wish they knew...


Hindsight is 20/20...

But it doesn't have to be...

What if you prepared mentally and emotionally AHEAD of time?

Step into WHO you want to become in pregnancy, during labor, and in the postpartum period... NOW.

Hone the mindset skills, emotional mastery...

Heal old conditioning and out dated conditioning...

Establish support in pregnancy, for labor, during postpartum...

Continue to build the skillset, confidence, mastery throughout...

Learn next level communication, boundaries, and self care...

With foresight... not as an afterthought...

There’s soooo much to think about: showers, registries, nurseries, painting, decorating (the fun stuff); and time off from work, what will work allow, how much will insurance/ disability pay for, not having enough paid time off/ not being able to afford the actual time off you need and deserve (the no so fun stuff)…

Not even a thought to consider is your mental and emotional prep during pregnancy and in the postpartum period.

Your experience- conceiving, in pregnancy, during labor, postpartum not only affects you, but baby too…

And relationships

And boundaries

And self care

Physical health

Mental health

Emotional health

Spiritual health

This is why I created PREP


A prenatal & postpartum emotional processing coaching experience.


PREP: Emotional Processing Coaching, 1:1 (in person or virtual)
Single visit- $100
4 pack- $400
8 pack- $800

Upgrade with Voxer (included for existing doula clients)- $100/month

(PREP can be added to packages or utilized on it's own if you're choosing not to have a doula.

If you we do not have a doula/client relationship and you wish to upgrade your PREP package, you can also add Voxer)

**WHAT'S VOXER?**  Voxer is a voice and text messaging app, where numbers are not exchanged, and a great way to keep us connected between calls.  Voxer can be a super powerful tool if you let it be.  Imagine having your coach, counselor, therapist, "On call" for you, just a text away.  If you are feeling triggered, need to work through something, talk something out, vent, etc... Voxer me!

Voxer (add on or stand alone)- $100/ month


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