Melissa Carrick

Owner, Wellness Within

Birth Doula, Educator & Mindset Coach, Placenta Specialist

It is my passion to see and assist others’ in their journeys.  My curiosity about the body began with a 12 year career as a surgical technologist, where I assisted in surgeries of all kinds. As a person who enjoys continually learning, I gradually added massage therapy, reflexology, essential oils, yoga, and birth doula work to my list of passions.

I am a certified birth doula and placenta specialist, specializing in encapsulation, tinctures, birth art, and keepsakes. As a doula, my intention is for families to feel informed, safe, supported and respected in their choices and experiences.  From hospitals, home, or the birthing center; to natural, medicated, VBAC, or cesarean, I am comfortable adapting to the environment of the families I am supporting. My philosophy is that “If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any…you don’t know what you don’t know.”  To help clients prepare, I prioritize transforming (or eliminating) fear, reframing programming that surrounds birth, building a fierce confidence and trust in the process, and developing a healthy intuition.  It is my goal to support families by sharing the physical, emotional, informational, and practical tools to build the birth experience unique to each family.

I incorporate massage, reflexology, essential oils, breathing and mindfulness from yoga, and my medical experience into the experience of my clients for a holistic approach

It is my intention to nurture the mind, body, and soul connection. By establishing ongoing relationships and trust with clients, we can work together to provide the best care possible, based on each clients' individual needs. I truly believe that everything we need already exists within ourselves.  Strength and wisdom are innate in all of us.

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Supporting families in the greater Buffalo, NY region, including but not limited to, Gowanda, Fredonia,  Springville, Hamburg, East Aurora, Elma, West Seneca, Cheektowaga, Buffalo, Tonawanda, Amherst, Clarence, Kenmore, Niagara Falls, Batavia, Warsaw; and families of all ages, ethnicities, and gender affiliations.  VBAC certified through VBAC Link

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