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Melissa Carrick
Owner, Wellness Within

Life & Mindset Coach,
Birth Doula & Educator, Placenta Specialist

It is my passion to see and assist others’ in their journeys.  I have been on my own personal development journey since 2001. Reading, affirmations, vision boards, are all fun things I enjoy, but it wasn't until I began my yoga practice, attending workshops, and hiring my own coaches that I started to understand the embodiment of the knowledge- WHO I had to become to integrate and transform.

Consuming information (to know) is fun and expanding, and only takes you so far. 

Embodying the information begins when you start to integrate it (to do).

 Integration leads to transformation (to BE).

Only months after certifying to become a yoga teacher, I certified to become a birth doula!  Although not having kids of my own at the time, I was able to relate birth to life, seeing that the skills and mindset need for both, paralleled each other. 

Birth imitates life. In July, 2021, I gave birth to a baby girl, as a surrogate.  Being a doula myself, experiencing birth, advocating for myself when plans drastically changed, while also considering the parent's wishes, brought many lessons and blessings my way. 


Three years into my doula practice, I expanded birth coaching into life coaching!  Life imitates birth.  As an avid learner and perpetual student myself, it is my mission to always be expanding, growing, learning, and loving... For myself. For you. For us.  By leading myself first, I can help other's do the same... Together we RISE!

I'm here to help guide, empower, excite, expand, nourish, build confidence, listen, and support you...

In all your needs!



To live a life of desire & abundance, in alignment with my true purpose
To lead myself & always be expanding spiritually, mentally, & emotionally
To show others it is possible & they can do the same

To create a vibe & a tribe, with other's who understand & embody expansion of their own self & power
To guide other's on a journey of the soul 
To help each other recognize all our strengths are innate & intuitive

Lead. Guide. Support. Challenge. Expand. 

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